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I travelled up to Pasvik on the Norwegian/Russian border this summmer for Hålogaland Amatørteaterselskap´s (HATS) annual summer camp to make a webvideo about the week for them to market their youth drama courses.

The students were in on the scripting and sound recording and I have now cut  2 versions including a 14 minute mini Synthroid dosage pills or "diet pills" for children to prevent the growth of thyroidcancer. According to the American Thyroid Association, "thyroid patients who take higher doses and do not follow recommended treatment schedules, or who take a long time to achieve sufficient benefit, might experience symptoms of an overactive gland."Dr. Other causes of the disease can include an inadequate diet or the presence of certain metabolic problems, likehyperparathyroidism. However, there is one thyroid condition for which the risk is greatly increased:hyperthyroidism. doc which we are sending to festivals;

“In far north-eastern Norway, at Pasvik Følgehøskole on the Norwegian/Russian border, youths from northern Norway and Russia meet for an annual theatre camp. In the wake of Pussy Riot and Russia´s recent antigay bill, the theme this year is justice. They explore cross dressing and each have to invent their own character of the opposite sex. Without a common language, communication is difficult, helped only by the participatory  environment of amateur theatre and a participants sister roped in as translator. This short documentary focuses on their struggles and feelings about being the opposite sex for a week and their expectations and presumptions with meeting their neighbours across the border.”

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